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La passione per il riscaldamento a legna

Non siamo commercianti di apparecchi per il riscaldamento! Siamo privati, appassionati di caminetti, stufe, antiche e moderne, amiamo il riscaldamento a legna, perchè lo riteniamo ecologico e rispettoso dell'ambiente. Intendiamo dare vita ad una comunità virtuale unita dalla passione per il riscaldamento a legna.

Accettiamo contributi, notizie, novità su tutto quello che riguarda il riscaldamento a legna, riportando le notizie più interessanti.

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Piero Bosio

Fire and wood

Fire and wood. This site is about wood stoves, chimney, fireplaces, wood boilers and ovens, hearth. We love wood heating, therefore we decided to do this site about fire and wood. Our aim is help you to understand it and turn to account it.

We should turn our firewood to better account, it's important, it's an important renewable source of energy.

fireplace and hearth

We don't sell heating systems, we are not tradesmen, we don't deal in stoves, we are only keen on wood heating.

We like wood heating, it's good, the heat of a stove in the middle of a room is wonderful, the heat of a hearth is wonderful too. We don't know what prefer between a stove and a fireplace.

Hearth is unifying. Fireplace is unifying too and we have to disclose this old heating system. Using it, we can save money and we can help to clean our polluted ambient.

New pellets technology, new pellets stoves and boilers are very useful to keep our ambient clean and we have to do something good to help in this aim.

We deal with smoke pipe, chimney and its problems too. It's important to keep it clean and we advice you about common trouble with smoke pipe.

We like to bake and roast in the oven, we prefer wood oven where we cook pizza and bread. It's very, very good!

A good appetite to you


Now we go to light the fire in the stove because it's cold.